Lift stations require regular maintenance

Septic Tank Cleaning Pumping

Septic Tank Cleaning Pumping

Lift stations are a necessary part of modern municipal sewer systems. Pumping raw sewage from a lower elevation from a higher one so it can continue along the sewers, these stations need one thing above all else: regular maintenance! After all, more than almost anything else in the modern world, no city or town wants to deal with a day—or even an hour—of sewer problems.

And lift stations are more prone to needing maintenance than other parts of the system. It’s not that the station breaks down; although more complex than most parts of a sewage system, this complexity mostly amounts to a screen to remove coarse materials, pumps to move the wastewater to the intended high point, control and alarm systems, and an odor control and ventilation system. These need to be checked, but they tend to stay working for the long term.

The maintenance a lift station needs, beyond equipment checks, is cleaning! Regular, monthly cleaning. In fact, most cities and counties require monthly maintenance contracts specifically to avoid any sort of buildup problems. There are plenty of materials, like oil and grease, which can get through any screen or filter but are too viscous to be moved uphill via the pump. When these accumulate, they can clog and slow the functioning of the lift station; if not properly maintained, the pump can break, and then you have a serious problem.

Lift station cleaning & pumping

A+ Septic trucks are specifically designed for lift station cleaning. These combination trucks have every tool necessary to clean the junk out of the bottom of your lift station: a Vactor-brand water pump capable of 3,000 psi of pressure and a flow of eighty gallons per minute for better cleaning, a high-powered Roots Systems blower, a fifteen-foot boom with 180 degrees of rotation to cover every corner, and a six-hundred-foot hose. Add in the 1,500-gallon water tank and 3,000-gallon debris tank, and you can be assured that when A+ septic cleans a lift station, none of the oily, greasy garbage that filtered to the bottom will be left when we’re done.

A+ Septic offers commercial services for the whole central Texas area.  If you need a reliable company experienced in lift station cleaning and maintenance, contact us!

Cost of repairs

Repairs for burned up pumps can be extremely expensive depending on the lift station. Proper cleaning is required to avoid these costs.